Monday, August 23, 2010

Percy Sutton Harlem 5K Pictures!

Picture time!

I thought the line of porta-potties (however you spell it) was amusing.
After the 5K started, the switched the sign for the Harlem Health Walk. As you can tell, I took this picture after I finished (note the time).

I was very happy!
This is where I spent some time pre and post race. THE GRASS!

Stephen Colbert thumbs up!

Results Board pre-race. The shadows are cool. :D


  1. That looks like it was so much fun!! I haven't done a 5k yet but I am dying to! I just need to become a real runner first lol

    Jen from

  2. @JenniferIt was a lot of fun! Since I just completed a race, I'm only now considering myself a "real" runner. It was haaarrrrd, but amazing! You'll have a blast - I just know it!