About Heather

Welcome to Rogue Runs! My name is Heather and I'm a 21 year old almost college graduate. I currently live in Queens, New York, but I'm originally from the wonderful state of Connecticut!

Growing Up:

As a child, the only sports or activity I was involved in was recreational basketball, moving my way from guard to forward to center as I grew taller. During this time, I also joined the Girl Scouts, for whatever that was worth, and annually participated in the fundraiser: "Jump Rope for Heart"

However, I did not partake in sports during intermediate and high school. (I don't think that one session of wrestling in gym counts!) Rather, I turned my focus to marine sciences during high school, attending the first half of my day at my regular high school and the second half of my day at the Regional Vocational Aquaculture School, or AQUA for short. I even attained a boating and personal water craft license during my stay (which is now expired, but whatever.). However, my main motive for attending was to be with my friends (a small bunch consisting of mostly my older sister, life-long family friend Michaela - and soon another best friend Kaitlyn) and to get out of Health and gym class. I also did some fundraising work for Relay for Life.

During my junior year, I decided to change the magnet school I attended to the Regional Center of the Arts, "majoring" in musical theater. I had always love musicals and singing, and it was the first time I was confident enough in my abilities to truly sing in front of people. During that year stay, I was in both shows ("Sweet Charity" and "Pippin"). From then on, the love of my life was theater.

College Years:

I wasn't sure of what to major in at college for two main reasons: I still was not too confident in my musical theater skills and I wasn't sure if I wanted a specific major that determined my career. The only thing I was sure of: the location. In the Fall of 2007, I began my stay at Eugene Lang: The New School for Liberal Arts in New York City. Possibly the longest name of a college. I am graduating a semester early (Fall 2010, though technically January 2011 for some reason) with a Bachelor of the Arts in Liberal Arts, with a "concentration" (aka major) in theater.

During that time, I performed in two musical theater cabarets in CT, took various classes (mostly theater and music) helped out with college shows, assistant stage managed one (The Tempest), and stage managed two (Apples and Pairs, a rework of the Odd Couple, and The Realm of Darkness, at LaMama theater), and eventually performed (and sang!) in my Senior Collaborative Work, Tennessee Williams' Camino Real. Pronounce as you see fit.

Most importantly, during my first semester I began to work with (doing drama, tutoring, and mentoring) with the "I Have a Dream Foundation." A non-profit organization created by my school's namesake in order help kid's graduate and attend college. I still look forward to seeing those kids each day I go to work. If you want a fun place to volunteer, look up the program and see if there is one near you!

Additional note: The title of the blog comes from my childhood nickname, Bullwinkle. And yes, it's after "Rocky & Bullwinkle." I had nicknamed my younger sisters, Rocky. Her name was Rachel, then Raquel, then Rocky. Enter Bullwinkle.

My favorite musical theater composer by far is Stephen Sondheim, and the 2005 recent revival of "Sweeney Todd" changed more than my school focus, but gave me some of the best friends a girl could ask for.