Thursday, October 21, 2010

I am back!

After a long hiatus, I have returned! I took a while off running, since my shin's weren't a-okay and my body was getting used to standing 5/6-8.5 hours.

I bought new sneakers (Ryka, by Kelly Ripa -- side note, they are black and I've always wanted dark colored sneakers) and tested them (and myself) on a mile run this morning. It was glorious! Shins feel amazing. Body feels amazing. The only thing is a potential blister on my left heel -- since it was there immediately when I started walking this morning, I think it's from my boots last night, not these sneakers.

I'm going to do a mile a few times a week, based on my work schedule. It feels good to be back. :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Yesterday's 2 mi. run was successful. The cool air felt amazing, and my shins were alright. Last week's weekly milage added up t0 5.25 miles (three times per week, Monday to Sunday). I'm going to increase the total miles slowly, and when I feel comfortable, I'll add another running day into the mix. This week's total will be 6 miles. Two on Tuesday, two on Thursday, and two on Saturday.

Plan for today, in no particular order:
  • Write a review on Patti LuPone's new memoir. I hope I'll be able to use it for the school newspaper. If not, I'll post it on here.
  • Read about George Gershwin. There are two chapters I want to read for class on Friday.
  • Chose clothes to give to GoodWill. There's a plastic dresser in my closet that I haven't touched in two years. I'll take out anything nostalgic, and hopefully get ride of the dresser on trash day. It's bent, old, and useless.
  • Pick up the newspaper. And maybe the Times.

This week I should also begin to take notes for my "personal statement," for graduate applications. It just needs to get done.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


This post brought to you by the weather. I was either going to run tonight or tomorrow morning. Tonight it will be mid-70s. Tomorrow morning it will be mid-60s.

Tomorrow it is. Hurray!

It is GORGEOUS today in the city. I met a friend for lunch and we walked along the water. Beautiful! (Though that doesn't mean it should get cooler. :D)

Another note: I got another job (part-time) - so I'll get a regular stream of money, not dependent on the after-school program. It's at Whole Foods! Discount! Orientation is Tuesday. I'm very happy.

Monday, August 30, 2010

How I Accidentally Completed My Planned Miles

In my previous post, I said that on Saturday I either wanted to run at night, or walk twice the amount of miles. I completed the latter, accidentally.

A friend of mine called, asking for help while she completed a scavenger hunt for a free weekend pass to the New York Comic Con this year. Of course I decided to help, and I became the Oracle to her Batman as the clues for different locations showed up. Then Clue 24 appeared.

The location for Clue 24 was also in Queens, and I knew the where it was. Since I had already changed, I laced up my sneakers and head out. (I ended up not looking hard enough where the pass was hidden - I was right. there.) I ended up covering at the very least 5.5 miles, roundtrip. I was fun to explore a new area, and I got both Panera Bread plus Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte on the way back. AND my friend found a pass. So, it was a good day.

This morning I was supposed to cover 2.5 miles. I ended up only doing 1.25, because my shins where absolutely killing me. I don't know what happened. I came back and iced them while watching the West Wing. Although I watched my favorite episode last night - "Noël" the episode that Bradley Whitford won the Emmy for, which deals with Josh's PTSD.

I begin classes today. I have two of the three today - an education course and an editor course (for the school newspaper). I've never taken courses of this nature before, so I'm quite excited and nervous. The last course (that I have on Fridays) is going to be fabulous. It's with a professor I've had two times before, in similar course. The first was on Rogers & Hammerstein, the second Stephen Sondheim (could've taught the entire class -- and did for 30 minutes for Sweeney Todd), and this is on Gershwin and Bernstein. I hope we look at Bernstein's Mass. I've seen it live at Carnegie Hall, and it's moving and epic. And Candide. Because I looooovvveee Candide. While the material itself may come easy to me, it still challenges me to write about the music. Though I think with I greatly improved writing about the melody and instrumentation itself, rather than overall moods, from my last course about symphonies and concertos.

I can't wait to get the syllabi. That's when I can truly begin to plan my last semester.

I even "did" my hair today - in that I let it air dry for the most part, blow dried it, then straightened. It's longer (and darker) than people remember.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Change of Plans

I was supposed to run 3 miles this morning. However I had to stay in case the super showed up. I didn't want him to come and wake my roommate up, who got back late last night.

Ah...last night.

Last night I entire the kitchen to find water leaking from the doorway of the bathroom and my roommate's room. Lovely. I call the super's number, only to find out that it is no longer in service. I put towels down, tie on sneakers, and head to the super's apartment. I leave a message with his lovely wife, get the new number, and head back up. I decided that rather than miss the super, in the off chance he showed up, I'll push my run to tonight or tomorrow morning. It's not a big deal; I just don't like running in the sun. It's only 69 degrees out now, but I'll wait.

I can either run later, around 6 or 7, or walk around midday and end up at Starbucks, drinking an iced skinny vanilla latte and reading a book. The latter plan might prevail. Besides, maybe I could map out a 6 mile route (roundtrip) to Starbucks. I'll call it cross-training.

Besides, I'm not doing anything tomorrow.

The other change of plans: I decided not to do the 4 miler in September. I'd rather slowly build up and condition my body, and maybe sign up for another 5k (cross-country) in mid or late October. Hopefully I'll have bought new shoes by then.

I also want to start drafting my "statement of purpose" for my grad school application. The program I really want to do is perfect for me: I can apply this fall, take online classes spring and summer (I still have the lease on this apartment until next September), and either continue to take online classes, or take classes on campus. Now I only need to get into the program. I also need to ask for recommendation letters. Luckily, I guess, I can ask the head of the department and the...assistant (or really other) head of the department.

I have lists of things to do concerning grad school, but the statement and letters are all that is worrying me.

And now, more West Wing. At least it's smart television.

Friday, August 27, 2010

So far, so...okay?

I wish I could've named this entry "So far, so good." However I wouldn't necessarily categorize training so far as "good." (Which reminds me, I need to sign up for that 4mi. race today.) Tomorrow I have three miles, but something is up with my shins. Either I need new shoes, or my legs just needed rest. We shall see.

I haven't figured out a cross-training activity that wouldn't cost money - which I don't have right now. I suppose I can fill those days with walking/more strength-training, but for this week I'm taking it easy. The weather tomorrow is probably going to be around 75 degrees and sunny when I run in the morning. Ah, fun.

My only other thing of note: I watched all the episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I wish it was given a chance and not canceled, but I'm glad it existed. I love Matthew Perry, and I have a crush on Bradley Whitford. I had watched an episode while it aired, but never seemed to watch the rest of the series. As a musical theater person, it was interesting to see the parallels between Harriet/Matthew and Kristen Chenoweth/Aaron Sorkin (the whole 700 club thing and whatnot).

All of this made me want to watch West Wing (I have the entire series box set), and to finally see Sports Night - which my roommate has. Perhaps that will be next. :D

Oh, I miss the West Wing theme. It's so fantastic.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Percy Sutton Harlem 5K Pictures!

Picture time!

I thought the line of porta-potties (however you spell it) was amusing.
After the 5K started, the switched the sign for the Harlem Health Walk. As you can tell, I took this picture after I finished (note the time).

I was very happy!
This is where I spent some time pre and post race. THE GRASS!

Stephen Colbert thumbs up!

Results Board pre-race. The shadows are cool. :D