Saturday, August 28, 2010

Change of Plans

I was supposed to run 3 miles this morning. However I had to stay in case the super showed up. I didn't want him to come and wake my roommate up, who got back late last night.

Ah...last night.

Last night I entire the kitchen to find water leaking from the doorway of the bathroom and my roommate's room. Lovely. I call the super's number, only to find out that it is no longer in service. I put towels down, tie on sneakers, and head to the super's apartment. I leave a message with his lovely wife, get the new number, and head back up. I decided that rather than miss the super, in the off chance he showed up, I'll push my run to tonight or tomorrow morning. It's not a big deal; I just don't like running in the sun. It's only 69 degrees out now, but I'll wait.

I can either run later, around 6 or 7, or walk around midday and end up at Starbucks, drinking an iced skinny vanilla latte and reading a book. The latter plan might prevail. Besides, maybe I could map out a 6 mile route (roundtrip) to Starbucks. I'll call it cross-training.

Besides, I'm not doing anything tomorrow.

The other change of plans: I decided not to do the 4 miler in September. I'd rather slowly build up and condition my body, and maybe sign up for another 5k (cross-country) in mid or late October. Hopefully I'll have bought new shoes by then.

I also want to start drafting my "statement of purpose" for my grad school application. The program I really want to do is perfect for me: I can apply this fall, take online classes spring and summer (I still have the lease on this apartment until next September), and either continue to take online classes, or take classes on campus. Now I only need to get into the program. I also need to ask for recommendation letters. Luckily, I guess, I can ask the head of the department and the...assistant (or really other) head of the department.

I have lists of things to do concerning grad school, but the statement and letters are all that is worrying me.

And now, more West Wing. At least it's smart television.


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