Sunday, August 22, 2010

Movie Day

(Pictures from yesterday's race will be up tomorrow, as they won't be developed until tomorrow at 1PM.)

There were two things on my agenda today. The first was to stretch and strength train. The second was to watch movies I put on my instant queue.

After doing my normal morning thing - up at 7:30, breakfast, web-surfing, etc. - I made my lunch and began to watch the first movie on my list, Chariots of Fire. Having never seen it before, I was not prepared to be so inspired and moved. Hopefully this inspiration will last me for my run tomorrow.

I hate staying in my apartment all day, and I try to find any excuse to go out. In the end, I guess I can always just take a walk, but I like a reason. I wanted to get weights to train with. I had used my mother's while in CT, but ended up holding both 3lb in one hand. Since I also wanted another pair of running shorts and a top, I headed all the way to the Brooklyn target. I don't have to transfer for that one.

After picking up the clothing, I headed to the weights. They only had one 10lb -- of the kind I wanted. It's green. In retrospect, it's good that I got just one. First, because I only really need one. And second, it would be harder to carry 20lbs of weight around. I picked up a Venti Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks (I have a gift card) and trotted on back.

I did some training in my room and stretched. Either it's warm in my room or I worked hard, but I felt like I needed another shower (didn't take one). I made dinner and began to watch the next movie on my list: Wonder Boys. I'd seen it before, but was in the mood to re-watch it. Paused movie to make okra fries, clean the kitchen, and grab a yogurt.

And that has been my day. Thrilling, isn't it? I don't think I'll usually be writing "what I did today" posts. I just felt like it. Must have been the movie!

Perhaps tomorrow I'll finally watch Food, Inc. Either that, or Wall Street. First viewings for each though.

Now I am off to good cross training activities that don't require a gym membership. I'm almost certain that I'll be registering for another race, in September. I'll decide soon enough!

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  1. just watched "wall street" for the first time the other week, in preparation for the sequel - i'd never seen it before, either. the first half was great, the second?!?! weird...