Saturday, September 4, 2010


This post brought to you by the weather. I was either going to run tonight or tomorrow morning. Tonight it will be mid-70s. Tomorrow morning it will be mid-60s.

Tomorrow it is. Hurray!

It is GORGEOUS today in the city. I met a friend for lunch and we walked along the water. Beautiful! (Though that doesn't mean it should get cooler. :D)

Another note: I got another job (part-time) - so I'll get a regular stream of money, not dependent on the after-school program. It's at Whole Foods! Discount! Orientation is Tuesday. I'm very happy.


  1. it's so exciting to work at whole foods! plus you get discounts, how awesome is that! its a win-win situation!!!

    i see you're kind of a newbie too! i am and i'm new to your blog! oh, i'm from nyc too!

  2. @icaneatcantiDefinitely win-win. Hurray!

    I'm totally a newbie - I don't expect a lot of readers (or any), but writing every once in a while won't hurt! I'll check out your blog right now! Three cheers for NYC folk!